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New Modern Constitution


                                                                   Preamble & Waiver:

  The author declares this document & the Ideas herein contained are Free for anyone to use,  adopt, adapt, implement and enforce.      It is Under Construction & Evolving – Constructive Criticism is Encouraged. Contact Twittisist to participate with your Suggestions for Improvement.  

  Some suggestions for Fundamental Framework of a new Constitution for any Modern Nation; with unalterable emphasis on Human Health and Dignity.

  Followed by suggestions for forming a legitimate & representational Government to enforce the Constitution.  


                                                                                     The Constitution

(1)   It is the inalienable right of every citizen of this Sovereign Nation to be entitled to the amount of Uncontaminated Air, Food, Warmth & Shelter as is required to maintain Good Health, as defined by the United Nations.

(2)  All Citizens & Foreigners without exception are equal under the law, to all Human Rights as established by the United Nations and a fair hearing in The Court of this Sovereign Nation.

(3) All Sovereign Land to be divided Geographically into 4 Regions (NW, NE, SW,SE)  and the Regions in turn to be divided into 4 Districts (NW, NE, SW, SE).

(4) Ethnic Minorities to have Legal Representation proportionate to their % in their Local District or Region.

(5)  Public Practice of Religious, cult or other belief Laws are Subject to This Sovereign  Constitution and cannot Trespass on them.

(6)  All Armed Persons are to be in the Employ of The Democratically Elected Government and shall only use Force in Defence against Armed Aggression Foreign or Domestic toward said Government.   The Standing Military are to be employed in Infrastructure Improvement when no Military Action  is Required.

(7)  All Natural Resources to be Nationalised and divided equally among the Various Government Departments to ensure the Rights & Well-being of the Citizens as set out above.
Any Trade and Business with Foreign Nations to be restricted to 25% of Profits for Foreign Nations.

(8)  All Citizens have a Natural right to pursue & seek Contentment as long as it does not cause harm or interfere with another Citizen’s fundamental Constitutional Rights.



                                                                                  Courts, Law & Justice.

(1)  The High Court to be elected by a 70% majority of Verified Lawyers.

(2)  Criminal Law & Civil Law to be determined by The High Court.

(3)   The District Court Judges to be elected by 70% majority of verified Lawyers.

(4)   The Day to Day Civil Laws or Costumes of  a District are for the District Court to Provide as long as they do not breach Constitutional Laws.

(5)   Any Minor breaches of the Law that do not merit the District Court’s Attention should be resolved by The Village Elders.

(6)  The Framework of a sound constitution is the Spirit & the Letter of the Law & ought to be Succinct as to leave no room for Amendments or Loopholes.  Any Subservient clauses are used only to Strengthen and Protect the Framing clauses,  not to create doubt or Loopholes for Scoundrels (Lawyers).


                                                                                            Election Laws:

(1)    All Votes to be Transparent & Verifiable by Thorough Census ( taken as the first order of business)  by The Interim Government. (Revolutionary Leaders)

(2) Individual Citizens validated by the Local Communities they live in

(3)   30% vote required to call a referendum. 

(4)   All National & Local Candidates Must be Proven Successful with Expertise Suitable to the Department they are Running for.

(5)   54% of verified Popular Vote needed to be elected to a National or Local Government Department.

(6)   Judges to be elected by 70% of Qualified Lawyers and to be Bound by the Constitution.

(7)   Term of office for elected Official to be 3 years and 3 terms maximum. 

(8)   70% Popular Referendum vote need to pass or amend The Constitution.

(9)   57% of a Popular Referendum vote need to remove elected official for misconduct.

(10) 17 years minimum voting age.  Naturalised Foreign Citizens have a 18 month waiting period for the right to vote.


                                                                                  Examples of Right Leadership

Adapted from the I Ching,  Taoist Aphorisms,  Proverbs,  Folklore,  Fable,  History & in Common sense:

  When the government is non-invasive, the people are very pure.  Very great leaders are only known to exist.

   To reign by means of  the way of nature is a matter of virtue; and to reign by means of arms is also a matter of virtue.  There are five kinds of military operations: motivated by justice,  response, anger,  greed,  and pride.   To execute the violent so as to rescue the weak is called justice.  To mobilise only when it becomes unavoidable due to the aggression of enemies is called response.  To contend for petty reasons and lack control over the mind is called anger.  To take advantage of other’s land and desire other’s wealth is called greed.  To be proud of the size of the country and vastness of the population,  and to wish to look smart to rival countries,  is called pride.                                                                          Military action based on justice results in leadership.    Military action based on response results in victory.   Military action based on anger results in defeat.   Military action based on greed results  in death.    Military action based on pride results in extinction.   This is the way of life.

  If Leaders or those above are Acquisitive & have No Measure, then those Below will be ambitious & have no Deference. When the people are poor & miserable,  then division & conflict arise;  they work hard without success, cunning sprouts up & a lot of thievery appears:  Rulers & ruled resent each other & directives are not carried out.

Where Water is polluted, the fish gasp; when government is cruel, the people rebel.

When those above have many desires, those below have many tricks.

When Leaders do not allow their spirits to race in their chests & their knowledge is not flaunted about the land, but embrace benevolence & sincerity;  sweet rain falls in season, the five cereals flourish,  growing in spring,  maturing in summer,  harvested in autumn & stored in winter;  there are monthly reviews & seasonal reports,  and at year’s end taxes are paid.

  True Leaders nurture their people fairly, authority is not commanding,  the legal system is not complicated,  education is spiritual.

  To try to cure civil unrest without reforming government corruption is like breaking down a dam to stop a flood or trying to put out a fire with your arms full of kindling.

  There are three kinds of death that are not natural passing away.

  If you eat & drink immoderately and treat the body carelessly & cheaply,  then illness  will  kill you.

  If you are endlessly greedy & ambitious, then penalties will kill you.

  If you allow small groups to infringe upon the rights of large masses & allow the weak to be oppressed  by the strong,  then weapons will kill you.