The State of the Rebublic

David Murphy
7:07 PM (18 hours ago)

to me
in this republic the citizens are drip fed fear

in this republic people are afraid to demonstrate on the streets lest they be filmed and blacklisted
old people die of hypothermia because they have no heat
children grow up in homes where their parent(s) have the grim choice between electricity or food
in this republic one home a day has it’s electricity shut off by a profit making esb that is owned by the people
in this republic the suicide rate overwhelms death on the road
the unemployment rate dooes not take into account the 200,000 that have been sent begging in the world
in this republic emmigrants are forced to live on 38 euro a week in savage conditions by a savage regime
in this republic meaning full debate is muffled and stifled by fear of the known and the unknown


About Chris Yowell

Artist 2nd Generation Abstract Expressionist.

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