Religious V Scientific Justice

 Religious V Scientific Justice

Suitable, Mortal, Human Justice is only obtained by a preponderance of scientific evidence; gathered empirical observation or experience of the natural laws of phenomena.  The dubious notions and fictitious hearsay of religions: the faith and trust nessary to affirm religion, belie and call into question the validity of religion as a reliable source of  Self-evident Truth.

When a Judge insists on upholding Laws derived from religions, cults or other belief systems, they are not dispensing Justice; only serving to reinforce and create more Injustice: for instance would Joseph  have won a divorce case against his wife,  The Virgin Mary,  based on Infidelity, if she swore on the Holy Bible it was an Angel who got her pregnant?

Religion as it affects the Judicial system is the prefered loophole for Perjures; relying on the Judge’s gullibly to, and dependance on strange and murky beliefs.


About Chris Yowell

Artist 2nd Generation Abstract Expressionist.

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