Monthly Archives: November 2011

Occupy 99% Misconception

The percentage’99%’  is not helpful when defining the ‘Occupy’  movement’s true nature as it does not accurately reflect the enormous disparity of economic circumstances within the 99%.

A more accurate demographic would be “We are the top 50% and we represent the Bottom 49%.”

Our Motto is “Reducing that witch is too much & Supplementing that which is too Few.”

This would bring clarification to the Movement’s Aspirations & Natural purpose.


Surviving a Peaceful Protest

Making yourself a sitting duck by joining mass peaceful Protests against a blood-thirsty Regime,  is less effective  then  by becoming a moving force of non compliance to the social structures that are supporting them.  Example: stop delivering Bread, Milk, newspapers, have minor & some major accidents at your work place or just don’t show up at designated times.  Not too much just subtly make their daily frustrating, but not enough to shoot you for.  Bring the transport & delivery of goods to a standstill on a regular basis.

Will be working on this so comments appreciated.